My Khe Beach

The world is filled with little gems of ideal beauty. While some places are known and celebrated, others go partially forgotten, existing as gems to those who are aware of their existence. Having a beauty comparable to the best-known natural attractions in the world, these gems are an experience worth having. The only trouble is in finding them. Thankfully for you, we are on the hunt.

My Khe Beach

What is the most beautiful beach in the world? Chances are you can name a few beaches that stand out as fantastic. However, what if the majority of raters do not know the best beach out there? When it comes to My Khe Beach in Vietnam, this may very well be the case. Let’s take a moment to discuss where this beach is, why it is worth checking out, and some services in and around the area that you can benefit from. Let’s begin!

Where Is My Khe Beach?

My Khe Beach is located in central Vietnam on the coast of the East Vietnam Sea. It is just east of the city of Da Nang and it stretches for several miles along the coast. Hills to the north stretch out into the water, forming a protected area where sandy beaches can form without too much turbulence. An hour and a half by bus or 20 minutes by private transportation, you can easily get from the heart of Da Nang to the beach in no time at all. The Da Nang airport makes it easy to fly straight in. If not flying into Da Nang, then expect a bit of a journey from one of the other coastal cities and communities stretching to the north or south. Regardless of the time it takes, getting to Da Nang is well worth the effort.

What Makes My Khe Beach Special?

Also known as China Beach by former American soldiers stationed in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, My Khe Beach is a place of incredible beauty. White sands stretch in a lazy arc into the far distance. The hills to the north stretch into the water, creating beautiful scenery that is just as spectacular during the day as it is when lights play off the peaks at sunset and sunrise. Offshore mountains rise into the air, creating a spectacular break in sight lines during sunsets that help to make the overall experience singularly unique. The water goes from a deep blue to a crystal color depending on the time of day. Waves crashing and washing ashore creates dozens of feet of foam that temporarily turn the beach a brilliant white. At all times you can hear the sounds of the sea coming in and take in the ocean smells that take you from the beach and towards distance memories from the past and an untold experience you will struggle to articulate. Clouds move from over the hills and windy days can turn the otherwise tranquil sea unto a place of waves and movement. Timeless, beautiful, and restorative, My Khe Beach is an experience you need to have. If you love beaches and want to experience one of the best beaches in the world, then My Khe Beach is right for you.

What Are Some Services Around My Khe Beach?

Even the best beach falls short if it is inaccessible or lacking in basic resources. Thankfully, My Khe Beach has a lot of resources available to you thanks to Da Nang close by. With a population of more than a million people, Da Nang has remnants of America’s occupation, with French, English, and Vietnamese architecture reining supreme. Located in many of these buildings and influenced by a clash of culture are the hotels and restaurants that provide countless opportunity to lay back and enjoy life. There are countless trails and paths you can walk around the hills to the north and around the beaches. In addition, there are many national parks to explore and shops to buy local and foreign goods alike. In the end, you are left with a lot of selection in the area pertaining to both the beach itself and the city of Da Nang.


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